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[=18px]Writing for Linux Forums[/]


We’re always on the look out for more people to write for Linux Forums. In particular, we publish articles related to Linux and the Linux World, telling us about new things that have never been published on the site before… Reviews, General Articles, Interviews, and all kinds of Tutorials and How-Tos, like Multimedia, Desktop, Networking, Applications, etc. etc.

Our website offers tutorials and articles for all levels of expertise, from people who are totally new to Linux to Linux Gurus.

We expect articles to have a range of words from 1,500 to 2,500 words. We pay up to $300 for these kinds of articles per article.

Not only that, we are also always looking for permanent staff writers to constantly write for us, find news, etc. Which will provide the writer with a permanent cash flow from the website

If you are a writer and are interested in writing for Linux Forums, please contact us at editors@coreroot.com , sending us a sample of your writing and giving us more information about yourself and technical background.

The Core Root Staff.

Ljudi placaju (i to solidno) za talentovane i kreativne tekstopisce...
Mozda bi nesto slicno (ne mora isplata u keshu, vec neke druge pogodnosti za pisce tutoriala i sl.) moglo da prodje i kod nas.
Ili da nasi ljudi zarade neki dolar 'tamo'.