Linux Gazette No.141

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Član od: 21/03/2001

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Avgust 2007 (#141):

    * Mailbag
    * An Ongoing Discussion of Open Source Licensing Issues
    * Talkback
    * 2-Cent Tips
    * NewsBytes, by Howard Dyckoff and Samuel Kotel Bisbee-vonKaufmann
      News in General - Conferences and Events - Distro News - Software and Product News
    * GRUB, PATA and SATA, by Anonymous
    * An NSLU2 (Slug) Reminder Server, by Silas Brown
    * Who is using your Network?, by Kapil Hari Paranjape
    * Serving Your Home Network on a Silver Platter with Ubuntu, by Shane Lazar
    * One Volunteer Per Child - GNU/Linux and the Community, by René Pfeiffer
    * HelpDex, by Shane Collinge