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Član od: 21/03/2001

Kao što su verovatno neki od vas i primetili, u subotu popodne 1-2 sata nije bio dostupan. Razlog je bio DoS napad na servere gde se hostuje naš sajt, kao što sam prvobitno bio i pretpostavio.
Evo i zvaničnog obaveštenja koje smo dobili od Hosting kompanije:

Our network has been under a major DDoS attack earlier today. This attack was of an altitude that we never experienced before and at its peek consuming multiple gigabits.
Because of the scale of the attack the protection systems was not able to fully protect our systems. Even though all servers were running normally some sites may have appeared to be down for a period of up to two hours. We started working on this mater with our carrier as soon as the problem was identified to be a DDoS attack (within five minutes).
Most customers may not have noticed or been affected by this problem but still we feel it was best to inform you about the issue.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,

Servage Hosting

Naravno, sada je sve ok.